Monday, February 18, 2013

Top 10 Happenings (So Far) in 2013's been a ridiculously long time since I've blogged about our family. I think there's probably a direct correlation to the fact that I FINALLY got a smart phone in December (thanks to Ryan getting an upgrade to an IPhone 5, with me inheriting his IPhone 4!). It's just so easy to snap a picture & upload it to Facebook that I've not been as good about blogging about happenings with our family.

That being said here's a quick summary of what's been going on this year

  1. I turned 32! Celebrated with a great date night with Ryan at Bravo! (a local Italian restaurant) & Les Miserables.
  2. Much to Ryan's delight, the Atlanta Falcons finally won a playoff game, even if they didn't make it to the Super Bowl.
  3. It snowed!
  4. Evan discovered coloring. This is a big deal seeing as he never gave it the time of day before & now can spend a good hour doing it--can I hear a hallelujah? You parents know what I'm saying!
  5. The Redeemer church session (elders) approved a proposal by me & two other ladies in our church to remodel the Bride's room. I've been getting in touch with my inner HGTV self & having a blast picking out paint, carpet, furniture & accessories. We're trying to have it done as quickly as possible for the approaching wedding season. I will certainly post pics once it's done!
  6. Levi had his first haircut. It was approaching mullet status, so it was about time! I put if off for far too long because I didn't want to cut the curl out of his hair. Thankfully, he's still got some curls left!
  7. Ryan taught himself how to change the radiator in our Jeep, saving us hundreds of dollars.
  8. I discovered the Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls--oh my goodness! Yes, this is a life-changing discovery :).
  9. Evan's peanut allergy went away. Praise the Lord! No more toting around an epipen everywhere we go!
  10. And this week, Levi used the potty for the first time!

A few photos of the events:

Gotta hold your tongue just right


Bye-bye curls (tear)

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