Monday, April 30, 2012

Construction Complete!

For the past year of our lives, we have had a front row seat to the major reconstruction of Redeemer's sanctuary & educational wing (seeing as we live behind the church). It's been exciting to watch (and hear), and Evan now thinks that any construction he sees around town is for a new church. I often hear him call out from the backseat, "Look, Mommy, they're building a new church over there." A typical PK response I suppose...

This is the demolition a year ago of part of the educational wing.
We have been worshiping in our new sanctuary for a little over a month now. Our old sanctuary seated about 350, and now we seat about 650, but since we have over 700 each week, we still need two services to accommodate everyone (hallelujah, not a bad problem to have!). It's very exciting to witness all that God is doing through Redeemer in our community. Can't wait to see what else He has in store!

This is our newly expanded sanctuary during our dedication service!

Also, I couldn't blog about our new sanctuary without including a link to the song "Son of Man" that Ryan & Redeemer's choir performed at our dedication service (I posted this on FB last month). It was a special time of worship for everyone there. If you have a free moment, be sure to check it out!