About Me

You could say that I wear many hats, like so many women out there.
In short I am:

a wife (and a minster's one at that!)
a mother of two adorable sons, Evan & Levi
a daughter
a sister
a friend
a teacher (no longer full-time, but still volunteering with Redeemer's tutoring program)
a wanna-be designer/artist (who mostly just has time to dream about it these days-hello pinterest!)
a home manager
a chef/baker
a bargain hunting shopper (who hasn't quite gone extreme, but is teetering pretty close)
and most importantly a follower of Christ

I started this blog after my family moved to Jackson, MS in October of 2009 as a way to keep in touch with family& friends back home. We moved here from the suburbs of Atlanta to answer God's call for our family as Ryan serves as youth minister at Redeemer Church, an urban, multi-ethnic community of believers. Now that we've settled in a bit more here, this blog has also become a great outlet for me to share how I'm growing as I learn to better fulfill all these rolls at home & in ministry. I hope you will find it encouraging!