Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween!

The boys got to dress up twice this year! First up was "Let's Pretend Day" at their Mom's Morning Out program.

Dalmation & Spiderman, respectively

Evan with his teachers Mrs. Jere' & Mrs. Dawn
Second was the Fall Festival at our church. It was a lot of fun!

Me & the boys (& one sad looking puppy)

Walking over to the festival, ready for some candy!

Evan's favorite game, Angry Birds!

Nana & Evan

Nana & Levi (slightly distracted by his sucker)

Levi on the Groovy Bus

Takela painting Evan's face

His robot face!

Oh, & here's the story behind those cool pumpkins on our front porch:

Checking out the inside of the pumpkin

Evan sticks his tongue out while focusing just like I do :)

Levi loved the freedom of painting it any way he wanted to!

Check out the end result on the steps behind us!
Not bad for our first time decorating/carving pumpkins!