Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy Fourth Birthday, Evan!

Evan as a newborn, November 2008

It's hard to believe that four years have passed since I became a mother when Evan Wallace Dean entered the world at just over 6 lbs on November 25, 2008. Now he is a 30 lb. bundle of imagination & joy. Being a mother to Evan is such a blessing. His favorite thing to do right now is dress up & pretend to be anything from Spiderman, to a doctor, to Dark Gator (aka Darth Vader). He is very into clothes and likes to wear all one color if left to his own choosing, I'm talking shoes, socks, shirt, pants, underwear, the whole nine yards. He's a very particular boy & loves to know the "plan" for the day (hello, Type A! I'm afraid he comes by it honestly). Evan's also very sweet & sensitive. Whenever I get a "motherly tone" (you all know what I'm talking about) in correcting a behavior, he likes to make sure we are reconciled by saying, "I still love you, Mommy." Be still my heart!

Last year, Evan had his first friends birthday party at a local park. We invited lots of folks & had fun, but this year we opted for a smaller gathering so that our sometimes shy little boy (excuse me, BIG boy, as he would immediately correct me) could feel more comfortable. I had heard that the same number of friends per year of life is a good gauge for number of guests at a kid's birthday party, so this year we invited four close friends and their families. He had a blast! It was a pirate party, and much to his enjoyment, he & his friends got to dress up as pirates & run around the playground.

Sword fight!

Tripp & Evan

Levi looking cool at the table!

Hard to say "Arr!" with your mouth full of food!

The party table (this is in our youth room, the colors are perfect, right?)

Treasure hunt time, with picture clues for our non-readers

After a little help from Tripp's big sis, Karis,
the treasure was found!

Cake made with love by me & Grammie (via Pinterest idea!)

One happy birthday boy!

What a crew!

All of us!

One last photo op before Grammie & Poppy went back to Georgia
(I love how Evan & Poppy have the same expression!).
It was a great time & I think the kids, including the birthday boy, really enjoyed themselves. Happy birthday, Evan!

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