Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Art Show & Talent Show & Karaoke--Oh My!

Last Saturday night, we had "Call to Artists Night" for the youth at Redeemer. About a month ago, Ryan gave the students a page of scriptures based around the theme of creation as inspiration for them to create some form of art: painting, photography, sculpture, poetry, etc. Saturday was their night to bring their art to share. We had a decent amount of participation seeing that this was the first time to host such an event (we're pretty sure a good many were nervous about participating and wanted to see what it was all about). I have a creative project of my own following this event. I've been collecting picture frames from yard sales, which I will spray paint black and place the art in to display in our youth room. I'll post pictures once it's done!

Evan attended the event with me and particularly enjoyed the talent show portion, which involved performances such as piano, dance, poetry readings, and a monologue. Hands down his favorite was a modern ballet dance to an African beat (he's a sucker for drums!). You should've seen the smile on his face as the girl danced. He loved it!

The evening ended appropriately with some good ol' karaoke. Nothing makes a good youth event like beginning with artistic expressions of Creation, and ending with songs like "Car Wash" by Rose Royce and "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)" by Beyonce. Ahh...gotta love it.


  1. I am glad it was a success! Would have loved seeing Evan getting into the dance routine! :)
    Karaoke sounded fun as well. Redeemer has two pretty special people dedicated to enriching the student's lives and sharing God's love with them. You ARE making a difference!

  2. Leslie, i enjoy reading your blog. Creative and a good way of keeping in touch with folks.