Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Month of Firsts

The past month of June was a busy one for us with Ryan being out of town for 3 of the 4 weeks with church related activities (the summer is a busy time for youth pastors!). It was also a busy time b/c there were a lot of firsts for us.

Levi started walking, I mean running, everywhere!

The first broken bone in my family (boo!), Mom broke her wrist while visiting us.

The boys & I got to attend one of those weeks away with Ryan to Louisville, KY for our denomination's annual gathering (called General Assembly or GA). It was our first of many in the future I'm sure! Then we stayed in KY for a few extra days to visit my aunt, uncle, cousins, & second cousins in Lexington. It was the first time that the kids had met each other (there were six kids ages 3 & under...crazy, fun times!).

My papaw got to meet Levi for the first time!

It was a whirlwind month, but oh so fun! But I have to say, it is nice to be home as a family again :)!

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