Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1-11-11 Brings a New Decade

I confess, I am not a consistent blogger these days! Be it the holidays, traveling, pregnancy, mommy duties, preschool, church happenings, it seems that something is always taking my time and energy- but alas! It would be a shame to let today, 1-11-11, my 30th birthday, pass by without a thought.

First of all, how cool is the date? I won't live to see it again, that's for sure. Second of all, I hear how great the 30s are (at least that's what everyone older than me has said), so I feel I must give my 20s a proper adieu.

Honestly, as I reflect, my 20s were pretty amazing! If the 30s truly are better, then woo-hoo, bring 'em on!

Below are 11 reasons why I loved my 20s (in order of occurrence):

1. I attended and graduated from Reinhardt College, where I made some amazing friends while I majored in Elementary Education.

2. I went to China twice to teach English and share my faith. This totally changed my view of the world by opening my eyes to a foreign culture and making me aware of how God is working internationally.

3. I met, fell in love with, and married my best friend--the handsome Ryan Dean :).

4. I began a fulfilling teaching career in Gwinnett County, with 5 years at the best school ever, Winn Holt ES in Lawrenceville, where I taught the best students and made many lifelong friends.

5. Ryan and I bought our first home, which we painstakingly and rather enthusiastically painted every square inch of the inside! What a fun time that was! Plus we made some great friends in our neighborhood.

6. Realizing that teaching older children how to read was incredibly challenging, I pursued and received my Master of Ed in Literacy, which transformed my teaching and became my passion.

7. I got to travel to some pretty cool places (besides China): New York City (multiple times), Colorado for some skiing, Peru for 2 mission trips, and of course, the Dunn family annual trips to Cocoa Beach, FL!

8. I became a mother to sweet little Evan!! How do you top that?

9. I began to learn how to serve alongside and support Ryan in ministry with 6 1/2 years at Christ Church in Stone Mountain,GA, and now at Redeemer Church in Jackson, MS.

10. I am about to have our second son, Levi, in less than 8 weeks!

11. Okay...one more...well, I guess I can be thankful for something vain. The 20s means no wrinkles or gray hair (I'm still good on the wrinkles, but those gray hairs...).

So today, I thank God for the past and trust Him with my future. Thirties, here I come!


  1. If you have accomplished that much during your twenties think of everything you'll do in your thirties! I'm loving my 30's so far! Happy Birthday! :)

  2. Your twenties were certainly wonderful! I look forward to seeing all that happens in your thirties!! :)

  3. What a very sweet post, I know your 20s appreciate the shout out! Congrats on a fantastic ride so far; I know your 30s will make you proud, too! :) Happy Birthday a day late!

    I can not wait to see pics and hear about sweet Levi! (LOVE the name!!)

  4. love it leslie. did you get my happy birthday text? i was actually in CO when I sent it and was thinking of you and ryan alot while we were there...what a fun trip we had!!