Sunday, August 29, 2010

Three Becomes Four

I am pleased to announce that we are expecting baby #2! We are super excited and are doing our best to prepare Evan to be a big brother. We've been talking about the baby growing in Mommy's belly, but all that's seemed to have done is to make him more curious about belly-buttons. Oh well, all in due time!

The due date is March 7th, so I am 13 weeks pregnant. We will definitely find out whether it's a boy or a girl and post it once we know! We are very thankful that the Lord has blessed us again with another child, and can't wait to meet him or her!

(P.S. This also explains my lack of postings the last month and a half. Now, instead of getting things done during Evan's naptime, I, too, am taking a nap!)


  1. OMG, EEK, YAY!!! When the girls told me this news last week, I was THRILLED! I am so happy for you and your sweet expanding family! CONGRATS, LESLIE!! And props to you for avoiding summer during your 2nd and 3rd trimester... :)

  2. CONGRATS!!! Hope that you're feeling well!!!

  3. Congrats! We are very excited for you guys. I hope everything goes smoothly...and no shame in nap time. I'm not pregnant and sometimes I cave, too! I'm just hoping to coordinate two kids on the same afternoon nap time...

  4. TWO is so much fun! (Hectic, crazy, mind-blowing, hair-pulling - YES! But SO MUCH FUN!)

    You'll love it! Praying for y'all in your next season of expectancy.

    Love from Athens...