Friday, June 4, 2010

Operation Beach = Success!

We have returned from our vacation to Cocoa Beach refreshed, slightly tanned, and relieved that Evan actually enjoyed the sand & surf. It wasn't quite love at first sight, in fact, you might even say he played a little hard to get. Here's how the affair unfolded:

Day 1: Hung out by the water bucket, watering the sand and sanding the water, then watering the sand and sanding the water get the picture.

Day 2: Walked to the edge of the ocean. Screamed in fright as the cold water hit his toes, gradually started to smile after a few encounters with this mysterious "wave".

Day 3: Holding Daddy's hand, ventured out into the ocean about knee deep, decided "This is pretty cool."

Day 4: Begged to be taken out into the ocean by Daddy, Poppy, and Uncle Matt, whoever was closest.

Day 5: Unabashedly in love with the ocean (and perhaps a little too fearlessly).

(This is Evan with his Grammie and Poppy)


  1. Leslie,

    I feel like I know you because Erica has told me about you! It looks like you guys had a great time at Cocoa Beach. I love the picture of your son watering the sand!


  2. ABSOLUTELY precious... I am glad the trip was successful! I can't wait for a similar encounter with our sweet son next year. Yay for the Deanie Beanies at the Beach! I miss you!

  3. I love the day by day breakdown :). He certainly became a lover of water by the end!