Sunday, April 25, 2010

To Blog or Not to Blog? That has been the question!

And I guess the answer now is "yes, I shall." To be honest, I've never really been into blogs until lately. Back when I was teaching elementary school full-time, I had a friend who urged me to create a blog. I looked at her like she was crazy (any teacher out there can attest to this!). A blog? I can barely get classroom newsletters out on time, plus I have a "classroom webpage" that's horribly outdated. I vaguely remember laughing it off as one of the most ridiculous suggestion I'd ever heard. Who possibly has time for that kind of thing?

So what prompted my change of heart? Well, for those who know me, I am now a full-time stay at home mommy (which means my grading of papers has been traded for the changing of diapers). But perhaps the biggest motivation has to do with the fact that almost 7 months ago, we (my husband Ryan, my son Evan, my dog Ike, my cat Millie, and myself) moved away from the Atlanta area to Jackson, MS. You see, now that I'm far away from family and friends, I need more information than Facebook status updates to feel in touch with my loved ones back home. So for those who have blogs, I've become committed followers to keep up with their day to day happenings to feel connected. Thus, I have decided to join the world of bloggers, too, so that others might get to know more about what's going on with us as well.

Just to fill in those who might not know, we moved to Jackson, Mississippi last October as Ryan accepted a position as Director of Youth Ministries at Redeemer Church . So far, we are enjoying it here. The church is wonderful and has welcomed us with loving arms.

My hope for this blog is simple, to share about happenings in our life--through the eyes of a mommy and a minister's wife. This could get interesting : ).


  1. Yay! I'm your first follower! Congrats on the blog! It will be a GREAT way for all of us to feel connected with all ya'll are doing in MS!

  2. I'm honored to have you as my first follower! You have inspired me to go ahead and blog! Love you too!